Building a people-first culture

Trust, innovation and compassion are what makes us unique!

At TACT we believe in working hard and celebrating harder. Teamwork, knowledge sharing and innovating together is our backbone. If you wish to create inspiring digital strategies, build amazing products, craft compelling marketing campaigns, weave delightful user experience, or churn insights from oceans of data, join us and prepare to be amazed every day.

There are things that make us stand out, but we like to believe

Our culture truly makes the difference

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Crazy Learning

We encourage people to learn and improve their craft continuously; this learning is shared across the organization.

People First

Appreciation for people and talent comes first at TACT; we aim to create an environment that encourages our team to grow.

Award Winning

In our decade long journey, we gained a lot of experience and some outstanding awards and accolades we are proud of.

Product Design

At TACT, we believe in building the culture of product design thinking across all verticals by using their respective experiences.

Our talented and amazing team make us who we are

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