Here Are Our Tips For A Better WFH Experience After One Full Year Of Remote Work

The pandemic disrupted the world, making several changes necessary at a personal and professional level. While millions struggled with the healthcare crisis, industries battled hard to keep businesses running and payrolls intact. As social distancing became a prerequisite to health and safety, companies everywhere went into survival mode and adopted remote working.  

Even the most conservative employers, who were miles away from digital transformation of any kind, were forced to transform into remote companies. New technologies were adopted overnight, and millions of office workers learned to become productive while on WFH mode. Today, after one full year of remote working, WFH has become a new normal for many.


While it has its benefits, remote working has its fair share of challenges as well. Studies show that 91% of employees experienced moderate to extreme stress levels while working from home. Domestic and personal distractions forced most workers to work an average of extra 26 hours every month. WFH also diminished the separation between work and leisure time while simultaneously making employees feel isolated and disconnected from their teams.

If you have experienced any of this, you are not alone!

Here are our tips for a better WFH experience to help you achieve a healthy work-life balance and overcome these challenges of WFH.

  • Establish A Routine: Setting up a clear routine saves you from the tendency to overwork. Don’t stop at defining a time to log in and log out. Create a holistic routine that accounts for timely meals, proper workout, leisure activities, and sufficient sleep.

  • Include Transition Time: Starting your laptop and logging in shouldn’t be the first thing you do in the morning. Create a transition period to prepare your body and mind for your workday. You can go for a light walk, get dressed in smart casuals, and grab breakfast before starting your work.

  • Set Up A Dedicated Workspace: A dedicated workspace, preferably removed from the rest of the house, helps you avoid distractions. Ensure that you have all the requisites in this space, such as charging outlets for your phone and laptop, ergonomic seating, and uninterrupted internet access. When it’s time to work, you can leave the common area of your house and go to your workspace.

  • Take Meaningful Breaks: Don’t take breaks to do some other work or half-hearted tasks where you are still thinking about work. Turn off work thoughts and focus on recreational activities such as exercise, walking, or watching TV. Only then can you properly recharge.

  • Define Social and Personal Boundaries: Don’t make yourself too available to everyone all the time. While some virtual team meetings are unavoidable and your family members will have demands on your time, try to set boundaries for each type of interaction. And stick to them for your sanity.

  • Don’t Obsess Over Productivity: The number of hours spent working or individual tasks completed doesn’t define your productivity, so stop obsessing over it. Follow a healthy remote working schedule and prioritize tasks to become truly productive for your organization.

  • Communicate and Socialize: While working from home, interpersonal communication and socialization could take a severe dip. Participate in activities that increase virtual socializing and engage in open interpersonal communication as much as you can. Not only will it keep you well connected with your team, but it will create an increased sense of positivity.

While personal lifestyle changes are the best way to optimize your WFH experience, as an employer, we at TACT have also recognized our role in shaping a great WFH experience for our employees. Not only have we transformed into a remote-first company, but we have also organized team engagement activities such as gaming sessions, knowledge sharing, and training events, as well as socializing hours with casual connect over tea for all our remote teams. 

In conclusion, since WFH is here to stay, we are committed to make the most of it and help our employees adopt healthy WFH habits. You can use these tips to optimize your WFH experience as well!