Integrate & automate
processes in a single system

TACT ERP can assist you in providing information, visibility, and efficiency across all aspects of your company. It enables you to mix various modules to suit your specific requirements.


TACT ERP automates all your business operations. It combines them into a single system that allows you to have free-flowing communication that is insightful and accurate with real-time reporting. It gathers inputs from different departments and compiles them so that executives in accounting, marketing, and human resources may benefit from them. By having cross-departmental visibility, decision-makers can collect information that will aid them in the analysis of different situations, which will ultimately enhance the process and result in improved efficiency.

Flexible Integrations

Our flexible integration options further enhance the ability to keep your business running with ease, it enables the integration of almost any data technology end-points.

Reporting & Analytics

Providing governments with real-time and actionable information, our real-time dashboards make it easy to access data and analytics anytime, anywhere.


Enterprise resource planning automation allowing companies to minimize the need for human involvement while also increasing reliability.



Human Resource Management System

TACT Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software program that enables the human resources department to do its duties more effectively and efficiently. Our software offers you the tools and capabilities you need to manage the employee lifecycle from the time you decide to search for new talent until the day they leave or retire.

Our many tools make it simple to carry out human resource duties, from hiring and recruiting to roster planning and keeping personnel data, payroll, and attendance. Maintaining a record of the service book, training, and learning, employee grievances, and reports can also be done with ease.

Inventory Management System

A complete solution for inventory management is provided by our Inventory Management System for organizations. It will help you keep track of orders, inventory levels, and delivery, which will simplify your inventory management process.

Inventory Management System can also generate reports and provide barcode and tagging services to help you stay on top of your game. Ordering, warehousing, and multi-location administration are simplified with this software.

Inventory Management | TACT Connect
Asset Management | TACT Connect

Asset Management System

Our centralized Asset Management System enables organizations to manage their assets methodically throughout their lifetime, and to keep track of essential data. Our asset planning and realization skills provide you with the ability to plan and manage the purchase, operation, maintenance, renewal, and disposal of organizational assets, allowing you to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The system includes features such as asset management, categorizing, auditing, and identifying particular processes, as well as monitoring all of this in real-time along with mobility across all devices, along with a customizable dashboard.

Financial Management System

TACT’s effective Financial Management System (FMS) allows companies to monitor their revenue, expenditures, and assets with the goal of increasing profits and maintaining long-term viability helping businesses enhance their short- and long-term performance by simplifying invoicing and bill collection, avoiding accounting mistakes and reducing record-keeping duplication.

General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and real-time financial reporting are just a few of the modules available in the FMS. It also has the functionality to make all payments and receivables visible, amortize prepaid expenditures, and maintain track of obligations.


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