Implanting Digital Smartness In Smart Cities

To accomplish effective governance, our Smart City Suites are designed to bring together all the necessary information, procedures, people, and technology. We aim to impart solutions for functional governance for smart cities with the best smart city solutions and smart city models.

Why Smart City Suite?

Smart governance is a government technology focused on citizens' needs, increasing transparency, reach, unbinding services, and cost-effectiveness. We are assisting smart cities in transforming their information technology systems, which will enable them to move away from data silos and toward information-sharing platforms. Globalization and developing technology have prompted government officials to look for new methods to interact with people, and our smart city solutions are one of the tools they are using.

Smart City e-Gov Solutions

Workflow Management System

Streamline and automate day-to-day procedures across departments, respond to service requests received via designated delivery communication channels.

Content Management System

Complete content lifecycle management for efficient authoring, publishing, and delivery across digital channels and devices for smart governance.

Incident & Grievance Management

Identify problems in advance, address grievances as soon as they occur, and improve the interaction between government authorities and people.

Property Tax Management

Aiding the government to collect property taxes more efficiently, while also ensuring that local government authorities are transparent to residents.

File Management System

An intuitive user interface for real-time organizing, storing, and managing file notes, case history, comments, and approvals.

Registrations and NOCs

Use smart city solutions to provide citizen services such as trade licenses, residency permits, birth and death certificates, and venue booking.

Smart City ERP Solution

Streamline processes to organize a connected city workforce. Enable real-time communication and informed decision-making across departments by centralizing them.

Human Resource Management System

Offers you the tools and services you need to manage the employee life cycle from recruiting & training, performance review to a deputation

Inventory Management System

Simplify your inventory management needs like order tracking, inventory levels, delivery, etc. with sleek features

Asset Management System

Offering a centralized Asset Management software system that enables organizations to systematically monitor their assets

Financial Management System

Keep a tab on revenue, assets, and expenditures. Minimize errors, improve flexibility and compliance with accounting & tax regulations.

Smart City ERP Solution | TACT Connect

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Project Management System | TACT Connect

Project Management System

TACT’s PMS provides a framework for arranging and managing resources to supply all the labor required to accomplish a software project. It assists project owners and stakeholders in meeting project completion deadlines by tracking and visualizing project progress in relation to the plan.

This project management tool incorporates advanced project management features like Resource tracking, Resource allocation, Communication and collaboration, Planning and scheduling, Cost control, Budget management

Document Management System

Enables businesses to better govern the creation, storage, management, and dissemination of electronic documents, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

It is equipped with unique capabilities such as the ability to create and share files among many users situated in different locations, and the ability to define access permissions for each user. It combines all necessary document management, collaboration, and sophisticated search capabilities into a single, elegant, simple-to-use solution.


Document Management System | TACT Connect

Citizen Experience Platform

Smart City Web Portal | TACT Connect

Smart City Web Portal

The Smart City Web Portal acts as a cutting-edge communication tool that effectively communicates the smart city’s goal, vision, services, and overall purpose.

It facilitates the dissemination of information and online services for residents, visitors, and companies by smart city authorities. The portal provides simple navigation and an appealing combination of text, pictures, music, and video, in a unified, consistent manner. Tailor and modify site content with ease through a user-friendly content management system. A dedicated content framework also sets guidelines for those generating and packaging the content on the portal.

Smart City Mobile App

TACT’s application for smart cities allows people to keep up to date with the latest events and project information by providing them with access to a central hub. Our smart city application encourages people to participate in their local government.

This means updated and relevant information about local events, tourist destinations, and online services, and the latest news on the site. Our smart city app for community engagement lets municipal officials and authorities communicate with residents via a single easy-to-use smartphone application. The Smart City mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it can be linked with other smart city applications.

Smart City Mobile Application | TACT Connect

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