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In order to provide knowledge, visibility, and efficiency across all sectors of your organization, you need to have the best ERP. TACT ERP assists you with your needs. It enables you to mix and combine modules in order to suit your specific requirements.


Integrates all your business operations into a single system, providing you a free flow of communication and insight, as well as accurate and real-time reporting – all in a single system. People and companies will benefit from TACT e-Gov solutions which decreases the complexity of government processes while increasing the capacity of citizens and businesses to access public services efficiently and effectively. We contribute to the reduction of expenses, which contributes to the creation of value for the government and the economy as a whole.

Mobile Enabled

Our mobile-first strategy has resulted in several innovative mobile apps that allow people to conveniently access essential government services.

Real-time Dashboards

Our real-time dashboards assist in providing governments with real-time and actionable information whenever and wherever they are required.

Extendable and Evolvable

TACT's e-Gov solutions allow expansion of default functionality as well as evolution in response to changing requirements.


Workflow Management System | TACT Connect

Workflow Management System

Streamlining regular company procedures to increase overall productivity. It will include creating a form to store data and the automation of a sequential route of activities for the data to follow until it has been completely processed. To accept and process requests and applications received via any service delivery channels, a Workflow Management System will be implemented across all departmental modules as a centralized feature.

Content Management System

Our Content Management System (CMS) is responsible for the complete lifecycle of the content. In addition, it enables you to distribute digital content across various channels and devices more effectively by streamlining the process of generating, editing and publishing material.

With our CMS system, you have the capability of implementing various gate checks to ensure that everything is well-organized and completed in a timely way.

Content Management System | TACT Connect
Grievance Redressal System | TACT Connect

Grievance Redressal System

This comprehensive service platform not only detects and handles complaints but also keeps track of their progress and produces reports to assist in proactively addressing registered concerns. TACT Grievance Redressal System enables people to file complaints and assists the appropriate authorities in expediting and streamlining the grievance redressal process.

Users can monitor the status of their complaints from time to time.

Incident Management System

An effective and efficient technique for raising public awareness of local events and empowering authorities to take proper preventative measures, Incident Management System enables users to submit issues quickly while on the go. Simply uploading a picture or video from a user’s smartphone notifies the appropriate authorities and surrounding people. 

This program shows to be very useful in managing catastrophes such as fires, floods, short circuits, and other such occurrences, resulting in safer cities.

Incident Management | TACT Connect
File Management System | TACT Connect

File Management System

A software that stores, organizes, and retrieves data files and folders. Users may create and save new files, view existing files, organize data in different hierarchical configurations, such as folders, and categorize and find what they’re searching for simpler.

The file management system provides you with an easy-to-use interface that streamlines file organization and a searchable database that enables quick retrieval. It collects and manages draughts and interim references, comments, approvals, and rejections, in addition, to file notes and case history.

Registrations and Nocs

The Registration and NOC Solution is designed to offer people an online facility that enables them to apply for various types of certification and NOCs. Our system acts as an integrated capability across all departmental modules, receiving and processing requests/applications received via any service delivery channels.

Our solution offers residents different online licenses and certificates such as a trade license, residence certificate, death, birth certificate, marriage registration, venue Booking, etc.

Registration and NOCs | TACT Connect

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